Cavapoo Puppy Litter Update Spring 2024

Today is April 14th, 2024 and we are happy to announce we do expect a litter of cavapoos in about two months from now! We do focus on and contact those on our waiting list as priority for joining our list over the last months. Once we get through all names on our waiting list, if we still have any available puppies left when the litter is born, we will then allow those not on our list to place a deposit on our puppies. 

Keep in mind, you can join our waiting list right here from our website and there is a $50 fee due to various reasons. That $50 is then applied to the cost of your puppy if you decide to place a deposit on one after the litter has arrived. The only way you lose the $50 waiting list fee is if you never get a puppy from us, even in the future.

thank you!  

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