Maltipoo Puppies For Sale Near Me

Often times when searching the internet, you may search “maltipoo puppies for sale near me”. When it comes to getting a maltipoo puppy, the maltipoo puppy does not need to be near you really at all! There are enough ways to get healthy maltipoo puppies besides going to the closest pet store that gets puppies from a broker, who got the puppies from a puppy mill. A puppy mill is basically a “puppy factory” where they raise thousands of puppies per year and often have over 100 adult dogs even. Conditions are poor and love is not given. It’s so important to find a maltipoo from someone who actually cares. 
Maltipoo puppies for sale near me

There are good breeders out there, although there are most likely more bad than good. We strive to be one of the good ones and have good morals. Our dogs are loved, we do not have hundreds or thousands of puppies per year, our dogs get to go in and outside 24/7, not trapped inside in a small wire cage. Our dog building is also fully heated and cooled, which also meets the rules for our state license. We typically have 10 females or less, and a few different male dogs, so a small count compared to many breeders. At some points we have only had 6 or 7 female dogs, not even 10. 

Our puppies visit the vet before they leave us, to ensure we have not missed anything and for a licensed vet to confirm the puppy is a health puppy. We do not want you to get a puppy with any issues, just as much as you don’t. Issues are extremely rare, and when they do happen it may be something simple as an umbilical hernia, which is far from a serious issue.

Our puppies also are given vaccines at the right times, as well as first dewormings to ensure the puppy gets off to a great start early on in life. Something we have, that many breeders do not have, is that we do love the puppies we raise, and they get plenty of daily human interaction and play. 

The most popular way to get a puppy, if you do not live near us, is flying into one of the airports closest to us, and then having the puppy fly back home with you! Vehicle travel such as meeting half way, can also be arranged for the most reasonable cost, but gas prices and distance will determine if that is a good option.

We have had many, many puppies for years fly back home with their new owner on a plane, never hear of any negative issues. You will simply need to let us know early in advance that you plan on flying your puppy back home with you, so our vet can fill out any extra paperwork that the airline may need. You will need a “under the seat crate” that can fit under your airplane seat for your puppy to ride in on the way home. 

One thing to consider, the cost of our puppies have easily been less than half the cost that they can cost in cities. Don’t pay more for less, pay less for a better puppy. We take pride in the puppies we raise right here on our small 4 acre family farm. 

if you have any questions about a maltipoo puppy near you, just reach out to us at anytime. We will be happy to answer your questions. You can also feel free to browse our website and see the other articles we have posted, visit our available puppies page to see if we have any available puppies, or to join our waiting list. 

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