Are Deposits Refundable?

Are deposits sent to us refundable?
Any deposit sent to us is not refundable. The reason for taking a deposit is for us to hold your puppy specifically for you and no one else. The only way a deposit is refundable is if something happens on our side that is our fault, and decided our fault by us. The fee to join our waiting list and any deposit put toward any puppy are 100% non refundable.
Deposits not refundable
The reason deposits are not refundable is because of the time we will spend answering your questions, sending updates pictures as much as we can, starting paperwork in your name, and telling other families that they have to wait until a litter later in the year to get a puppy for their own family, & other reasons. With all due respect to you, PLEASE do not put down a deposit until you are 10000% sure that you are ready for a puppy.
What if we want a puppy from you at a later date? If you want a puppy from us at a later date we will happily honor half of the total deposit toward the puppy toward another puppy at a later date. Example: if your deposit of $200 was placed toward a current puppy, if for some reason you have to back out but want a puppy from us at a later date, we will honor $100 to a puppy at a later date.
If you have ANY questions feel free to reach out to us at anytime!
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