What Paperwork Comes With My Puppy?

Every puppy that leaves our home and goes home with you, will come with a few different kinds of paperwork.

1. Puppy Registration Paperwork - If your puppy you are getting from us is a pure breed puppy such as our pure Miniature Poodles. They will come with registration paperwork such as AKC. If your puppy is a "Hybrid" (Mix) For example one of our Cavapoo's or Cockapoo's. They will not come with any registration paperwork because they are not a registerable breed.

2. Health Check - All of our puppies that leave here come with a health check. A health check is when a licensed veterinarian checks over the puppy to make sure the puppy is in top health before they leave our home and go home with you. If the case ever happens if a puppy has a problem, we will let you know beforehand and address any problem that happens (although that is very rare where a puppy has a problem)

3. Health Records - All of our puppies leave here with a Health Paperwork / Receipt paper that we keep a copy of. This paper show the price of the puppy + any sales tax (If you live in Missouri like we do, sales tax must be added on, if you live outside of Missouri, there is no sales tax) It also shows the cost of shipping/travel costs if there are any, how you paid, and then your overall total. It also gives all details about your puppy for your own records. Also, on the page - you will see the health records section. It goes over everything that has been done already health wise for your puppy such as Vaccines given, When the puppy was dewormed, and so on! It also shows you what we recommend (as well as what AKC recommends) for the future well being of your puppy and into your dogs adult life! I am posting a copy image of it below so you know what it looks like before being filled out. All puppies that leave here will come with one of these papers filled out and up to date. It also shows dates each thing has been done so when your new puppy goes home with you, and you start going to your puppies new vet, you can take the paper with you, and your vet can see all past details and you can also keep records in the future on this paper if you wish!

weaver family farms health paperwork
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