How Often Should I Give My Dog A Bath?

How often should my puppy have a bath? Again, this is one of the most frequently asked questions – and for a good reason! Everyone likes to be clean, right? Well, not exactly. Most humans like to be clean, but dogs on the other hand can typically care less. If they go get into the mud, they are having fun and being “clean” isn’t really that important to dogs, especially puppies!

Dog getting muddy

They may not care about being clean, and most won’t enjoy the process, BUT since the dogs we raise are considered house dogs, most people would rather not have the dog go get in the mud, and then come inside and lay on your couch or even just track mud on the floor, although, if you think you will have a puppy or even an adult dog that’s NEVER makes messes, there are always going to be at least a few!
Dog getting bath
So how many times does my dog need a bath? While a dog really doesn’t need a bath more than a few times per year, that is totally fine! Here’s why – dogs have natural oils on the skin that naturally help keep the dogs skin moisturized and in good condition. This oil can be damaged/washed off in a bath. Many dogs can get dry skin fairly easily and especially puppies. If you notice your pup getting dry or itchy skin, that might be a sign you are giving to many baths. Overall, typically there is no correct answer. Since to many baths can do more harm than good, they do appreciate a few baths a year while they may not enjoy the bathing process always, they sure feel better afterwards!
If you find your dog is having itchy skin and isn’t going away, this might signal a visit to your vet just to look your puppy over to make sure there isn’t any other issues. There are lots of great dog and puppy shampoo that is less harsh on the skin but still do a great job cleaning! Burts Bee’s dog shampoo has been our favorite for years. Also, many of the oatmeal shampoos typically work good.


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