My Puppy Is Not Wanting To Eat For Me

My Puppy Is Not Wanting To Eat For Me

This also can be very normal for the first little bit or even a few days when your puppy gets to his/her new home with you. The puppy is out of the environment that it grew up in, away from his/her brothers and sisters, around new people and just starting a whole new life.

cockapoo puppy not wanting to eat

The best thing ALWAYS you can do is be very nice, and gentle to the puppy, never scold or punish a puppy for not wanting to eat or try to force them to eat. As they grow, and start getting used to a new home with you, they will get more eased up and get used to new life with you! There are some things you can do in the meantime to get the puppy to eat and drink. There are many popular puppy foods you can get at your local pet store or even at Wal-Mart such as Ol' Roy that ALL puppies love because it is juicy, and comes in soft chunks. We highly recommend this if you are having problems at the start of getting your puppy to eat if you are having problems.

ol roy soft puppy food

You can mix this with the hard dog food that you are giving the puppy at his/her new home, mix it up together with one of these packets really good, and they should nearly inhale it, they love it so much, and then over the days you can slowly start to wean them off of it as we do here at our house before they go to new homes. Sometimes if you are having problems with puppies eating when they get home with you, you can do this same process we do here, again and get the puppy eating like normal! If the puppy still does not eat, after 24 hours at all, please take your puppy to your local vet and they can give your further information and help.

pedigree soft puppy food
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