Puppy Car Sickness

Puppy Vomited On The Way Home And How To Prevent It
We get this question every now and then, we are driving on our way home and the puppy vomited, is this normal? Yes, It can be common, all puppies are different and unique in their own ways. You must think, the ride home with your puppy is one of the first times the puppy is being in the car, so the puppy is simply getting car sick. Your vet can give you medicine to help your puppy better with car rides, some puppies only do it for the first few car rides, some puppies grow into dogs that almost always will get car sick, and some dogs just will never get car sick, but your vet is able to help you with medicine for this problem.
puppy car sickness
Also, a good way to help avoid this is to not give the puppy food for a couple of hours before you plan to travel. When the puppy is in the car, it is good to help keep the puppy calm, and do not upset the puppy more in his/her already new environment.
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